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Below you will find contact information needed if you have any questions or concerns. We normally respond to email within a few hours, but due to larger inquiry loads at times, you may not receive a response for up to 24 hours.

Thanks again for your interest in and

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Health Thru Fitness, LLC
210 Heins Rd
Middleburgh NY, 12122

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What Others Are Saying

The level of knowledge I gained, and the new exercises I learned were awesome, and I was able to get away with eating a little more than I had been-because of the higher level of metabolism due to the increase in muscle mass.

...I really really love my calipers... plus I just had a yearly check up and my doctor is as usual always surprised at how healthy I stay. Vitamins! Exercise! Healthy Food!

Thanks Jenny May

- Veronica D.
Easthampton, MA